Have you always craved your own little slice of fame? Yes?  Well...keep reading…

We are auctioning off the naming rights to one of our Miserable runs! If you bid high enough you
get to ink our hill map with your desired name for 5 years! 

Why would you want to do this?  (Why wouldn’t you want to?)
All the funds go directly to the small ski areas (that’s a win for everyone!)

Maybe your spouse is upset you jetted off to Whistler without them? Go back home with a run

named after them and instantly get out of the dog house!

Have one of those “special” employees that you all would just LOVE to commemorate but, just in case, you don’t want to name your OWN run? Worry not! You can name one of OURS! 

But really...who needs a reason! “Couey’s Corner” (for now) is a branch of Rogers Pass to  School Yard.
A little slice of heaven on Misery! 
Fun Police Section:
●      Misery Mountain’s Board of Directors has the final say in run names...choose wisely.
●      Run names must be family friendly.
●      Run names cannot include “ski hill swear words” such as !ce or infer incorrect color designation (black/green), etc...